6901 South Oglesby #3D

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The Condominium Unit (the Unit) Unit #03D of 6901 Oglesby Condominium Association (the “Condominium”), according to the Declaration recorded on June 2, 2010 in the Cook County Recorder of Deeds with Document # 1015319059 ("Declaration”), located on the following described land: The North 145.00 Feet of the West 1/2 of Block 7 (Except That Part Thereof Conveyed to South Chicago Railroad Company by Deed Recorded June 20, 1884 as Document 555031 and any Part Taken or Used for Railroad) in South Shore Division No. 5 in East 1/2 of the South East 1/4 of Section 24, Township 38 North, Range 14 East of the Third Principal Meridian in Cook County, Illinois.


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Pingora Loan Servicing, LLC
Thelma Clayton Hogg
Cook County Circuit Court
Lloyd Brooks
This auction is listed solely for informational purposes.
Thu 6/8/2023 10:30 AM CDT