1095 West Jefferson Kiousville

5 bd|2 ba|2464 sqft

Property Details

Single Family

Legal Description

Real Estate situated in the County of Madison, in the State of Ohio, and in the Township of Jefferson and bounded and described as follows: Beginning at a point in the center line of the West Jefferson-Kiousville Road in Jefferson Township, Madison County, Ohio, said point being the most northerly corner to a 2.052 acre parcel surveyed for L.F. Bradfield; thence with said center line N. 38 deg. 30' E-180 feet; thence (passing an iron pin at 22 feet) S. 28 deg. 40' E- 639.30 feet to an iron pin; thence S. 86 deg. 39' W- 183.75 feet to an iron pin corner to said 2.052 acre parcel; thence with the east line of said parcel (passing an iron pin at 465 feet) N. 28 deg. 40' W- 490 feet to the beginning, containing 2.152 acres of land, more or less, V.M.S. -6654 in said township and is part of lands now in the name of L.F. Bradfield.


Foreclosure Details

U.S. Bank Trust National Association, not in its individual capacity but solely as collateral trust trustee of FirstKey Master Funding 2021-A Collateral Trust
Sweet, Colin D.
Madison County Court of Common Pleas
Eamon Costello

Auction Details

Wed 02/15/2023 01:00 PM EST
Wed 02/22/2023 01:00 PM EST